The TEAM NATURAL FIT WLC DETOX CHALLENGE is making winners out of everyone. 

It is a great way to for people to discover the nutritional benefits of a natural way 

to lose the unwanted weight while cleansing their insides.  

Brought to the Carolina s in 2011, after being proven to seeing immediate results in 

Key West and Boca Raton, Florida by over two thousand women and men of various ages, 

professions and backgrounds. 

Auriculotherapy is used by many like Actress Penelope Cruz and Actor Matt Damon,

 even the Duchess of Sussex-- Megan Markle.

Dr. Oz was curious enough to do a segment on his TV show on the new wave of Auriculotherapy.

  TEAM NATURAL FIT WLC health coaches are certified in auriculotherapy. 

   Auriculotherapy (aka ear acupressure) has been used for thousands of  years around the world in

places throughout Asia, Europe, Brazil, South Africa, Israel and in the United States.

(Re-Introduced to the United States by former President Richard Nixon in the 1970's.)

The Western approach to ariculotherapy was first proposed in the US by Dr. Paul Nogier to alleviate

 pain in the body, alcoholism, depression, insomnia, substance abuse and weight loss.

 Dr. Nogier, a physician residing in Lyons, France was considered 

"The Father Of Auriculotherapy in 1957.   

TEAM NATURAL FIT WLC uses acupressure beads  in a natural way by affixing tiny beads behind the ear on acupressure points with self-adhesive tape.  The continuous mild pressure, they exert is amplified by stimulating the beads with a few seconds of fingertip massages every few hours. Auriculotherapy is a healthcare modality in which the external surface of the ear aka auricle, is stimulated to alleviate pathological conditions in other parts of the body --resulting in  detoxifying and weight loss!! 

Our health coaches goals are  to set health related goals that are realistic to create an action plan to achieve  detoxifying and weight loss goals. 

We use the coaching methods that helps you to break negative habits and patterns and replace them with healthy ones that you will incorporate into your daily life. 

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