Success Stories

I lost 36 lbs in the 21 day challenge.

 Maggie Lyons - Mauldin, SC

Simply love the 7 Day Detox Challenge.

 Shirley Stokes - Laurens, SC

I started with the One Day Detox, got pass the taste and signed up for the 7 Day Detox. It was worth the challenge. You really don't know how much you need to detox until you experience this for yourself.     

Haskell Rogers- Henderson NV

I would recommend this detox to anyone who wants to cleanse their insides and boost their get-up and go!!

Catherine Tolbert - Greensboro, NC

21 Day Challenge is not for the little dogs! This is truly for the big dawgs. Stay on the porch little dawgs! LOL

Chuckie Clark - Gray Court, SC


*2 Large Red Beets

*4 Long Carrots

*2 Apples‚Äč

*6 Stalks Celery

*2 Limes

*2 inches of Ginger

Prevents-acne, and constipation

Strengthens- immunity, eyes, liver, spleen, kidney, pancreas and digestive tract

Juice all of the ingredients together! 

Then enjoy!